Little Wisdom


Do not mistake my silence for compliance.

Half the battle of discipline is knowing yourself.

There's a difference between what you need, what you think you need, and what society tells you, you need. Who knows best?

Spending time in my own mind is like being in a room I painted; all I can see are the imperfections.

Follow your heart; find your way.

While surrouned by the selfish, selflessness is a battle.

When Life Gives You Lemonade, Make Money.

No One Has to be Perfect, but There's No Shame in Doing a Good Job.

I was told I've gone off the deep end. I think I've found the shore.

Want what you want. Get what you take. Return what you're given. (Pt. 3 Credit Chris Deiss)

Win or Quit

Change Your Thinking; Change Your Life

Become something better.

Do something nice for someone everyday; even if it is yourself.

I used to want to be rich...nowadays I just want to be happy.

The best way to appear skinny is to be skinny.

...Those days when you feel like a slut because you're the only person that gives a fuck...

My custom clothing line for strippers and hookers will be called "Ho-Made."

Men are like toilet paper--You want the ideal balance of softness and strength.

No one ever became obese from eating too many vegetables.

If you want to be amazing, just pretend.

There are two ways to legitimately acquire everything you want in life: 1) Work hard; 2) Ask Nicely

Somethings take time to learn. When you're younger everyone says, "You're young, you have time." Especially the old guys who are trying to sleep with you. They want to reassure you that there is plenty of time in life to make go ahead sleep with them...(<--SARCASM)

I only text when I drive.

Timing is everything, and yours is bad.


Never shower before eating syrup.

Poop jokes are shitty.

It is a good thing I don't sit by a window, because I might jump out.

The left lane is for passing.

...Caution traffic slowing ahead...

Nobody likes running, they love the way it makes them feel.

Age ain't nothin' but a penis size and your checking account balance.


Always be prepared...We don't buy toilet paper one roll at a time for a reason.

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