Friday, June 21, 2013

The Important People

Most of the people we encounter come and go; friends, pen pals, some family, teammates, loves…the fact that all of these people do not remain constant does not make them any less important. Everyone we encounter helps shape how we develop and the choices we make in our everyday lives.

My Brother. Taught me everything about sailing.

One cute dude that smiles at you can change the course of an entire day, him being in your life for just a brief moment. (Brief moment…get it? Ok, back to the story…)

My mom has followed me and supported me through everything. Sports, jobs, school...
Some people are more important than others. Some deserve more of our attention and care. These are the people that we find no problem with going out of our way for. Whether it is driving to BFE to rescue them from something, or even facing the discomfort of telling them a bunch of stuff that they might not want to hear. (Yes dear, that dress does make you look fat.) These are the people that you have no shame in extending the extra effort to be around, and would (we hope) do the same for you.

This is a truly special group of people who are dear to me, and will forever be.
Most often we give a lot to certain people, and end up feeling that they do not do the same in return. It is all conditioning. If you are constantly putting forth an extraordinary effort these people expect it at all times and, instead of valuing the contribution, take it for granted. This creates “formers;” former boyfriends, former best friends, former husbands…etc… If you feel a friend pulling away I’m 99% sure this is the cause.
Spent more time around this person in the past year than anyone else.

Recognize the people that truly go out of their way for you. They are important. If you are lucky you will be able to keep them in your life for more than a split second, more than a few years…Spend time determining who these people are, and find out if you would do the same for them. There are many people that I can never repay for everything they have done, miles they have driven, iceless glasses of water that have been poured…(sometimes it’s the little things.)
Thousands in concert tickets and T-Shirts. I love my sister!

Be grateful.
Not many people get to experience what I did with these great folks.

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