Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brussels Sprouts

Tossed and Covered

My mom is always saying, “I found a new Brussels Sprouts recipe.” My first question is always, “Oh yeah, how many ingredients?” I like most of my vegetables pretty simple…just how they come, with some salt and pepper…I eat sprouts 3-4 times per week regularly. They are just so freaking good, and easy. Here is what I do…

Turn pan on medium heat

Cut the end off the sprouts, cut sprouts in half

Lay cut side down in pan

Walk away for 5-10 minutes (watch tv, talk to brother, clean something…)

Check for level of browned-ness…(or black if I walked away too long)

Add a few tablespoons of water, toss, and cover

Walk away for 5-10 minutes (watch tv, talk to sister, clean something…)

Come back, stab with fork…decide how much longer I’m willing to wait to eat…

**Add Salt, Pepper, sometimes Nutritional Yeast…A squeeze of lemon can be good…but takes effort. I often just eat them plain, with NOTHING but the glorious flavor of the SPROUTTASTICNESS.

Pile on plate/in bowl…let cool (so I don’t burn my mouth)

Oh my lord, I’d like some sprouts now…

Sprouts and Carrots with Nooch alongside Spicy Baked Tofu

With Nooch alongside BBQ Baked Tofu

Steamed with Tofu and dressed with Nooch

Homemade BBQ Seitan Steak with Pecan and Nutritional Yeast Crusted Mushrooms Plain Sprouts

Homemade Mushroom Gluten Burger with White Rice and Simple Sprouts

With Tofu and BBQ Sauce

With Cajun Soy Curls

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